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The FHT to Move Team has made changes in order to adapt to the current situation around COVID-19 and to keep participants safe.
The Kick-off has moved to a virtual event and the daily/weekly activity challenges have been updated to ensure individuals can participate from home and maintain physical distancing. Good luck to everyone, stay safe, stay active and have fun!

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Congrats to all of this years #FHTtoMove WINNERS!

1st Place Team - Guelph Y Community

2nd Place Team - Arbour Fight Club

Team Spirit Award - St. Joe’s CSS – Nacho Average Squad

Participant with Most Activity Minutes - Brandon Noss from team Guelph Y ...Community

THANK YOU to everyone for participating this year! We hope you'll be back again for the #FHTtoMove Activity Challenge in 2022!

Enjoy these U of G Experiential Learning Hub kitchen hacks! #FHTtomove #weeklychallenge

U of G Experiential Learning Hub’s hints for activity (without the gym) #FHTtomove



Workout videos at home



Stair climbing


Just Dance

Gardening/yard the lawn

Go for a run while the kids are at their activities

Stretch while brushing your teeth

Walk/bike instead of drive for short errands

It's the LAST DAY for #FHTtoMove Activity Challenge!

Submit any daily/weekly video challenges & activity minutes by 12am tonight.

The U of G Experiential Learning Hub discovered that it is challenging to do a planking selfie 🙂 #FHTtomove

U of G Experiential Learning Hub shares some self-care ideas #FHTtomove

- Going for a walk with a friend
- Taking time to exercise throughout the week
- Learning to say no
- Incorporate a little Moira Rose-ism into my thoughts each day (Schitt's Creek)
- Pausing for a ...few deep breaths
- Putting down the phone and picking up a book before bed.
- Meditate for 10 minutes every morning.
- Do crosswords and sudoku puzzles.
- Get at least 7 hours of sleep (or at least try to!) and keep a consistent sleep schedule.
- Take stretching breaks after being in the chair for too long
- Drink a lot of water and take yoga breaks during the day
- Watching a Hallmark Movie

Many staff at The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital enjoy gardening as their physical activity. Jennifer Duggan enjoys gardening both at home and at her community garden in St. George’s Park. Matt Peltomaki enjoys the process of keeping his yard well groomed and pristine looking, and Sarah ...Ferguson keeps active in her home gardens, growing both vegetables and maintaining beautiful flower beds. She just so happened to pick up a bunch of plants at the nursery this weekend and here she is this evening , playing around to determine their best placement. #FHTtomove