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The FHT to Move Team has made changes in order to adapt to the current situation around COVID-19 and to keep participants safe.
The Kick-off has moved to a virtual event and the daily/weekly activity challenges have been updated to ensure individuals can participate from home and maintain physical distancing. Good luck to everyone, stay safe, stay active and have fun!

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Congrats to all of this years #FHTtoMove WINNERS!

1st Place Team - Guelph Y Community

2nd Place Team - Arbour Fight Club

Team Spirit Award - St. Joe’s CSS – Nacho Average Squad

Participant with Most Activity Minutes - Brandon Noss from team Guelph Y ...Community

THANK YOU to everyone for participating this year! We hope you'll be back again for the #FHTtoMove Activity Challenge in 2022!

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If you didn't receive the email, here's a link to read the #FHTtoMove Week 2 UPDATE:

#FHTtomove Daily Challenge complete! We have two healthy SMART goals that all staff at The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital agree on. The first one was fairly easy, the second required a lot of great discussion to come to consensus.
1. For the entire month of October, our team is going to ...continue the #FHTtomove challenge and incorporate a minimum of one 15 minute movement break within their working hours Monday through Friday.
1. No one is to bring cookies or baking or random treats into the office for all of October. We will only treat each other with healthy treats and snacks. BUT, what if we have warm cookies delivered to the office like we did earlier this week from one of our amazing volunteer Board Members? Solution - freeze them and reheat them in November. We are being proactive about this and already have a calendar entry in case this situation arises.

#FHTtomove daily challenge accepted once again by The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. Lots of water lovers here, Suzanne Bone, Alex Madott and myself.

St Joe’s CSS Nacho Average Squad getting active on a beautiful fall day 🍁 #dailychallenge #FHTtomove

The staff of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital enjoy a diverse set of mindfulness practices and rituals!
Suzanne Bone takes evening walks with her dog Ben. At almost 15, those walks are very slow, providing time to focus on the present.
For Rob Cameron, his greatest source of ...mindfulness is technical trail running because he is often most present when doing something physical. Unlike running on a road, he cannot let his mind wander, he has to maintain good focus on the single most important task at hand - staying upright. This level of focus, by necessity, blocks out all of those things that typically intrude upon his thoughts. Plus, being in nature, by water, in a forest or climbing a mountain is the best kind of therapy that always rewards me with a view that can’t be beat.

Montana Woolford Browne practices mindfulness while she drives to work every day by focusing on three things she is grateful for.

Jennifer Duggan spends 20 mindful minutes each day in the hot tub under the greenery canopy and looking at her backyard trees and sky/stars. On weekends she likes to take her latte in there first thing in the morning.

And Alex Madott enjoys quiet walks around the neighborhood or by the river. For Alex, cleaning her house is also time for mindfulness. She finds cleaning her physical space really helps clear her mind. She loves lighting a candle after, it makes her feel grounded and she can then sit back and enjoy having accomplished something on her to-do list.


The U of G Experiential Learning Hub share our mindfulness suggestions:

Be mindful tip #1: Get away from your phone for a specific amount of time a day

mindfulness tip #2: Take a moment with the 54321 grounding technique - look around you for 5 things you can see, 4 things you can... touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste

Mindfulness Tip #3: Eat Mindfully. Have your food without the tv, computer, paper or book where you can truly taste and enjoy what you are eating.

Mindfulness Tip #4: Start and end each day with gratitude. Reflect on a positive aspect of your day, your circumstances, your life that you are thankful for.

Mindfulness tip #5: Take some time to be outside without technology. Enjoy the sounds and the views throughout the seasons.